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Matching Campaign - Electric Snowmobile

Nearly every day in the winter, Tahoe XC uses a snowmobile for low-snow grooming, search and rescue, safety, trail maintenance, and race/event setup. Per our usual summer work, we serviced and maintained our winter machinery, and in the midst we thought to ourselves, what if…

What if we had an electric snowmobile? What if we could groom more quietly? What if we could groom daily without the 2-stroke smell? What if we could operate with more environmental consciousness? What if we could cut back on emissions? What if…

Then those ‘what if’ thoughts turned into a conversation, and that conversation led to an anonymous donor offering $10,000 towards an electric snowmobile. We were stoked and wanted to know, “Why?” Our donor’s response was in-line with our ‘what-if’ musings. In summary, the donor said, “We really support an e-snowmobile because of its zero emission standards and it can be used near water sources without concern for fuel leaks. An electric snowmobile will also help Tahoe XC do its part to reduce global warming.” Today, with a huge thank you to our $10,000 supporter, we’re halfway to turning our ‘what if’ into reality.

The snowmobile we have our eyes on is the Nomad, an electrified workhorse with over 1,000-pound towing capacity and at least a 100km range. We'll have to test out its the range, especially in deep, or heavy, (Sierra cement) snow conditions, but what if it works?

Then our ‘what if’ thoughts really took off. We asked ourselves, What if trail maintenance was quieter and gas-free? What if our community would like to reciprocate? What if the Tahoe XC community collectively matched $10,000 towards an electric snowmobile? What if 100 contributors gave $100? What if you’re the reason we start the 2022-23 winter season with a zero-emissions e-snowmobile?

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